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Silver Stage Elementary School                                

about 1 month ago

3800 Spruce Ave.
Silver Springs, NV  89429
(775) 577-5060                     
Principal:  Ms. Mindi Hammill
Dean:   Mrs. Erin Korf

Home of the Nighthawks

Nighthawks have:
Office hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm 
Playground opens at 8:35am.  School starts at 8:45am.
School is dismissed at 3:35pm.
1 hour late start on Friday!
Silver Stage Elementary School is a Title 1  school with a 3 star rating.
Improve Your MAP Scores!
Improve Your Child’s Reading and Math Skills, as well as MAP Scores!

You can access CompassLearning on the internet at home.

Just Google CompassLearning Customer Login, or:

Use your child’s student ID number for BOTH User Name and Password. For example:
User Name: 2012345
Password: 2012345

School is: lyon csd (REMEMBER the space between lyon and csd !)

Then choose either math or reading.

CompassLearning is attached to your child’s MAP test, and will provide practice and help to improve his/her score.

Troubles Logging On To Compass Learning? First, try logging in with a different browser (Firefox; Google Chrome; Internet Explorer). Or, go to and search: compass learning log-in. Finally, make sure you’re using the right log-in information.

Ask your child's teacher for his/her student number.

Favorite Sites for Young Readers, Prek - 2nd Grade
Favorite Sites for Young Readers, Prek - 2nd Grade

Read Along Talking Stories:
(Levels 1, 2 and 3)

Book Pals . . .  Famous People Read Aloud:
(Click CC for closed caption to read along.)

These 5 sites have a wonderful variety of read aloud stories:

Children's book read aloud | Storytime With Miss. Becky:'s+book+read+aloud+%7C+Storytime+With+Miss.+Becky

Storytime with Miss Yumi:​

Storytime with Erin​:

Once Upon A Story:


100 Sight Words Collection for Children Dolch Top 100 Words:​

For additional sites, please visit:
The Room 104 Website @
Don't Panic! The SSES website is here to help.
Don't Panic!  The SSES website is here to help.
.Don't Panic! The SSES website is here to help.